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Welcome to a new year of ASCE

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

I am full of excitement for a great year with ASCE, and I hope that all of the membership feels the same. We have a number of new officers coming aboard as leadership transitions into new role, so welcome to Jim Ubert with the City of Emporia and Dr. Scott Schiff from Kansas State University to the Section board. The branch has also moved into new positions and it's great to see some great faces on both boards.

I am very fortunate to be in the unique position of representing all of our membership in the Kansas Section's territory and look forward to a few changes to better connect with you along the way. It's been great to get together at our now annual Kansas Civil Engineering Conference (KansasCEcon) in Wichita. It's been very successful and makes ASCE stronger in our state and we hope to only make it bigger and better in the years to come. If you have not yet attended, take a moment to learn about this year's past conference which can also be found here on this website.

The Section's budget is complete and the schedule will continue to develop, but I hope the Section and Branch can push forward with some new initiatives. That first surprise may be this new website so that more of ASCE's activities in Kansas can be all be found in one place. It will also be easier for those not accustomed to working with the Section to find some new activities and opportunities, such as the Legislative Fly-in. Part of the Section's budget was allotted to support our members who choose to participate in the Fly-In. So no matter where you reside in the Kansas Section Territory (this includes those in the Wichita Branch), we would welcome newcomers to Washington DC. The deadline for registering is coming up soon on November 18, 2022. More information on the Fly-In is located under the Advocacy tab on this website.

Thank you for being involved with ASCE and know that opportunities in leadership, networking, advocacy, service and continuing education are available. I've been a passionate member of ASCE in my professional career in addition to my time at college and I hope to foster that same excitement for ASCE in you. If you would like to get more involved, please drop me a line or find me at an ASCE event this year around the state.

Thank you for your Confidence,

Daniel Schrant, PE

Kansas Section President

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